Perfect Strata Maintenance only deals with Strata Managers and developers! Our dynamic team have an intimate knowledge and experience in the strata maintenance industry and strong communication skills. They love solving problems on the spot without having to unnecessarily escalate it to the strata manager. With over 10 years of experience in the Strata Maintenance industry, we possess the required level of expertise to carry out all types of Strata Maintenance work you may require.

We have created innovative, user-friendly processes and procedures tailored specifically to make dealing with us as enjoyable as possible, and of course the quality of our work on site is second to none. Our experience spans across a wide variety of projects ranging from individual homes through to very large complexes. This coupled with our commitment to deliver what we promise makes Perfect Strata Maintenance an outstanding option for any of your Strata Maintenance needs.

Our service is delivered by experienced and friendly administration staff who are always ready to immediately handle any enquiry. If you have an enquiry, we are ready to attend to it. We are always one email/phone call away. Our managerial staff have vast knowledge in construction finance and real estate property management. We offer various building management tasks at no extra charge to most of our brand-new buildings that we manage and we assist in defect rectification work between the developer and owner’s corporation. Our company is determined to provide unparalleled service and support to every one of our clients.

Our keen knowledge of the Strata Maintenance Industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of every owner. Our service is delivered with the highest level of quality and safety standards supported by the following:

  • Experienced, pro-active and reliable staff in the latest techniques
  • Experienced and friendly administration staff who are ready to immediately handle any enquiry
  • Regular quality control inspections and detailed reports on the condition of buildings and recommended services accompanied with relevant quotes. With proactive attention to detail we work hard to identify issues before they happen. We are the strata manager’s eyes and ears onsite.

These solutions allow you to:

  • Increase productivity –  by spending less time liaising with owners and contractors as we handle all their maintenance requests on your behalf.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by promptly and professionally handling your owners for you with high level of efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs as we provide cost effective packages and save you more time by dealing with the one company only. Please view our list of services page for all the services we provide.

Moreover, you may request quotes and order your services online without having to even make a phone call. We work on efficiency and convenience. Kindly take a few minutes to browse through our testimonials page and review the Testimonials we’ve received from Owners, Strata Managers, and developers, who are already using our services.

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